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Welcome To Piczo Design Studio

Hello everybody welcome to my site. I hope you will enjoy with it and will find many useful stuff. George Garchagudashvili I'm George Garchagudashvili from Georgia, Tbilisi.
I was born in 1989 3rd of June, in a small town of Ozurgeti, in Guria (the one coolest side of Georgia). I'm web developer, I like helping people, Networking and getting some new friends online very much.

I make "PiczoDesignStudio" for you everybody who need help on Piczo, or just wants to make his/her Piczo site look better and cool. You can ask me or just contact me for any problem or question. Helping people is the best one from my favorite things I most like to do and my site is one way how I do it.

In my own words: It's true that we can never become ideal, but if we aspire to perfection, we will certainly become better - personal growth exceeds any success - try to be better!

You can find me also on Myspace, Digg, Facebook, YouTube, Hi5

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